The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

  1.  Create a PAGE (not a blog post) on our WordPress site where you identify and analyze the significance of the 5 types of mise-en-scene in The Guild as captured in TWO different screenshots. PC users: hit CTRL and Print Screen. Mac users: press Shift-Command (⌘)-3.
    Add your link to the “Guild and Mise-en-Scene” blog post.
  2. Finally, don’t forget to post in Moodle (1) the link to the PAGE you created, and (2) a short but thoughtful reflection in which you cite specific examples about what you learned by completing this assignment or questions that you still have about the subject matter: 30 points.
  3. Melanie Harris, ” Mise-en-Scene and The Guild”

Austin Terry, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Banyon Sullivan “ The guild and Mise-en Scene

Brianna Argenti, “The guild and Mise-en-scene

Cara Carlucci, “The Guild and Mise-En-Scene

Carmen Myrick, “The Guild and Mise en Scene

Chris Fiorino, “Mise En Scene, The Guild

Cody Taylor, “The 5 Elements of Mise en Scene in The Guild”

Eric M Chestnut, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Erica Goodwin, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Jason Wintz, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Jennifer Wiley, “Types of Women

Justin Joy, “Mise-en-scene in The Guild”

Melanie Harris, “Mise-en-scene and The Guild

Kasey Charette, “Elements of Mise-En-Scene in The Guild

Kayla Locklear,” The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Kelsey Kramer, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene”

Kennedi Brunstad, “Mise-en-scene in The Guild”

Leah Kohler “” The Guild and Mise-en-scene

Natalie Daining, “Mis-en-scene within the Guild

Paige Johnson, “Mise en Scene – Paige Johnson

Parker Diedrich, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene”

Ryan Trinks, “Mise-en-Scene and The Guild”

Serogia Bernier, “…017/02/19/4183

Shannon Prather, “Mise en Scene in The Guild

Shawna VanCampen “The Guild Mise-en-Scene

Spain Jeffery  “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Taylor Farrow, “The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

Tiara Smith “The Guild and Mise-en-scene

Zachary Allnutt, “The Guild


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