Ramey Savage: Interactivity

The web series, Welcome to Sanditon, represents all six types of interactivity. This can be seen through out the entire series with the characters themselves and through the app they often use, called Domino.

Stimulus and response interactivity is best explained by Carolyn Miller in her text, Digital Storytelling, “Generally speaking, the stimulus comes from the program and the response from the user” (64). This is represented but, the other way, around when a character simple says, “Domino dial,” the stimulus is the phrase and the response is the call itself.

The navigation interactivity means that a user is able to freely find their way through a program. This is detected when the fans of Sanditon and users of the domino app freely navigate the site itself to find videos, photos, or what ever they freely want to see or use on it.

The communication interactivity ties along with stimulus and response very well. Just as it says users are able to communicate with other users or even computer generated users. When Gigi says, “Domino dial,” she will soon be able to talk to who ever she directed the app to call.

Acquisition interactivity means to acquire information. This is of course seen when Gigi posts her weekly Sanditon videos to her fans. Her fans and other characters are receiving this information.


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