Convergence and Cyborgs


Star wars is a perfect example as to how books, movies, video games, and tourist attractions keep everybody entertained. This brings a lot of entertainment to the crowds that go out and love and support the whole industry and the different aspects that surround the whole experience of it. People love the movies as it stops at one movie and goes on to the next, leaving you hanging as to what will happen next. The video games keep the kids enjoyed as they are able to go about the story mode as it happens in the movies.


People dress up as the characters to act out the movie roles in Disney. It brings fans of Star Wars together as people from different age groups can come together to share interest in what they love. As kids fight people dressed up in the costumes and grown ups walk around sharing smiles as souvenirs are being bought. It almost like you’re living in another galaxy far away…In the moment.


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