Convergence and Cyborgs


Harry Potter is one of my favorite movie series. They have used the idea of convergence to be able to keep the movie alive from the books that came first, to the movies, the board games, the video games and even harry potter world in universal studios. By giving the people the ability to replay the movies as many times as they want, playing the games and everything else, the creator of the movie and book can keep the fans connected with the characters and continue to keep the movie alive. By doing this the creators made another movie series off of Harry Potter and are keeping the fans interested and engaged.


The workers in Harry Potter world that dress up as characters from the movie in universal studios are all cyborgs. They all wear the clothing of characters, and they all act as they would in the movie. A lot of the guests at the park also are cyborgs for a day because in Harry Potter wear the robes and scarfs for the house of their choice. Personally I am a Ravenclaw.


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