Convergence and Cyborgs in Transmedia Storytelling


I tend to binge watch series of shows when I am bored, and sometimes have to go on multiple websites just to watch a show. This is in a way, an example of convergence. The episodes are online, Netflix, hulu ,etc. Trans media storytelling is shown by having the show on  different sites, and making it easy to access them. I would say that I watch the show The Walking Dead, the most. The Walking Dead is about a zombie apocalypse and what the people who are not zombies do to survive.An example of convergence would be the comic books, and toys that are related to the show. The series was a comic book series before it came on to TV.  There are art work, songs, and skits that people put on because of this show. Another example would be the talk show that they have for The Walking Dead. This talk show gives fans the ability to see more of the show and interact more.


Haraways definition of cyborgs and the homework economy have influenced the workers that are involved in the creation of the trans media story in this show by putting out the thoughts of what we would do in a zombie apocalypse. The characters in the show are like cyborgs, they fight 24/7 for their lives, and to protect the ones that they love.There is also some technology in the show. Cars, databases,and weapons.


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