Scale, Pace, Pattern of Extensions

Lost in Austen
The first extension that caught my eyes, while watching the series, is Amanda’s cell phone. In her 21st century she was used to using her cell phone daily to talk to her boyfriend and friends. However, when she was transported in Austen times she realized that things were different in this environment. For example, she no longer used the extension of her cell phone to talk to people or call for help. However, she discovers in her new environment that people do not know what a cell phone is used for because of the lack of technology. In order to communicate to people, she must rely on face to face conversation. This proved to be challenging for her because she is not used to that.

Another extension in the series is her clothing; the way she was dressed was completely different from the other women in Austen time. In her new environment, women had to cover their body from head to toe. They would wear really long dresses with long sleeves and a hat. However, when Amanda arrived in Austen time she was wearing jeans, a belt around her waist, and a tank top which did not cover her whole body. Mrs. Bennet was surprised to see an outfit like that. She even told Mr. Bennett to tell Amanda to leave because she could not stand Amanda’s behavior and the way she dressed. This extension proves two things; first, how different women used to dress back then. Second, people had to hand make their clothes and sometimes they were so intricate that someone had to help an individual put it on. I think this could definitely change the pace of anyone’s day because someone had to help you put your clothes on and you had to hand make your clothing, which both require time.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen
– Keeping up with Kardashian’s is one of the most popular reality television shows and has proven to impact a lot of people. Many people want to be like them and do everything they do in the show. Their extensions are money and how famous they are, which gives them power. Money in our society means power and with power certain individuals are able to get away with a lot. As long as they have this extension and continually influence millions of people through their show, they will always have power.They also influence people through social media. For example, they have millions of followers on Instagram and several other medias in which they can reach their audience.

Social media is very popular in our society today most people who own a cell phone have access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Most people who is on social media is to make money. For example, many people who have YouTube channel gets some type of money base on viewers. Many people who are famous now is because of social media because people follow them, share their pictures and post on Instagram and Twitter. In a click of a button everyone who follows them plus anyone who goes on their page can see it. Which allows the pattern and scale of the person on the internet and their fans base to grow larger. Social media pretty much expand anyone fans base and make them more famous. For example, if you post a video on YouTube and everyone likes it the next you know you on the Ellen Show.


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