Technology Changes House Wives and Lost In Austen

House Wives

Blac Chyna resembles a person who is greedy, and is focused on wealth and money. Her connection with famous celebrities such as Tyga and relation with the Kardashians make her a target who is only known by her search for wealth. The Kardashians could also be connected to this conversation, as their connection with NBA players and rappers and the t.v have put them in the spotlight. I believe if she didn’t have this quality, she wouldn’t be known and be relevant as she is now. Being wealthy is very difficult for many people, and her power is what everybody wants.

The Real Housewives of Jane Austen and the bachelor go together pretty smoothly, as they connect the struggle of being hurt. Not in a violent way but emotional and mental as the guy choses who he wants, breaking hearts along the way. The realistic t.v shows like the Bachelor do a scary job of sucking females in, to act a certain way or change their actions as the drama comes along with it all as they search for love which is not even close to how the show presents itself.

Lost in Austen

Amanda Price steps into the bathroom portal to travel for a different direction in life, as she goes off to wander. Off in search for somebody with higher standards , she goes on a journey in ending up in another household. Connects with the idea, that we go out of our way as we are curious in hopes of saving our lives, but end up in a tricky situation at times as Amanda ended up kisses Bingley ending up in an interference i the story and the flow.

Wickham steps in as a positive figure, to show Amanda how to fit in and act as a proper figure. A lot of people are grown up with no real figure to show them how to live a life with real manners and positive characteristics. We need somebody who can show us to live live with manners like Wickham did with Amanda.I wish I had a person to show me to grow up and learn, it definitely had an impact.


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