Outlining my digital sins

Digital Sins can vary based on different people. Here is how I would break up my seven digital sins:

Pride-I am always telling people how great my life is, when deep down i’m trying to overcome issues that appear in my everyday life. I brush everything to the side and keep a happy face, as my pride gets in the way and i’m not able to really live a content life, due to me not showing my true colors.

Envy-I think we can all agree that most high school and college students deal with the issue of envy on Instagram. The most likes, followers somebody has compared to yours, and who liked whose pic but not yours. I certainly deal with that issue, and thats when you have to figure out eventually that you’ll have to outgrow it at some point…but some don’t.

Wrath-Some people get bullied and lash out with anger and rude comments back that are even worse, becoming a product of their environment. I was a bully when I was younger, till I realized that it doesn’t just effect the person physically but mentally as well. It doesn’t make you more superior.

Gluttony- Over ordering online has been an issue with me in the past, as I like to collect sweatshirts and free shipping really isn’t usually free shipping, but the deals come in overtime.

Lust- I think most people deal with the issue of looking at peoples profiles sometimes almost to the point of stalking, but it’s the excessive nonstop looking that puts you in a position of being weird.

Sloth- Texting is obviously easier than talking, but you can’t find the persons emotion and feelings through text. So I personally never have gone through anything like that.

Greed- It’s safe to say we all have illegally watched or listened to music when the opportunity appears. I used to download music illegally until I found music apps that supported the artist, and safe to use.


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