This section of ENGL 231 will concentrate on storytelling culture through the lens of the print technology of yesterday and today, discovering and analyzing ways in which digital storytelling has become meaningful because of and against the contexts of analog codices, new and old technology.

According to Marshall McLuhan, the significance of any medium is “the change of scale or pace or pattern that it introduces into human affairs.” What McLuhan meant, simply, is not that the medium influences the way a message is perceived (e.g., preferring to watch films than to read textbooks) but that each medium influences the ways we perceive ourselves within the world, connect with others, and organize the hours of our days. In this class, we are going to question how the technologies have impacted the ways we organize and understand our lives.

To this end, we will study impact and symbolism of technology in both print and digital storytelling in order to prepare us to analyze Jane Austen’s Sanditon, Hank Green and Bernie Su’s transmedia web series Welcome to Sanditon; Felicia Days’s transmedia project The Guild; and many smaller interactive narratives.